ClientExec is a great billing and support application, which is made to help the management of small and medium-sized hosting providers. It is the link between the front- and the back-end and it makes it possible for a customer to buy a website hosting plan on the net and then to have their account activated. ClientExec will make it simple and easy for you to generate invoices, to put prices for hosting packages and domains or to check out performance stats. Any time you use the application, you'll be able to include a payment processor, a domain name registrar or an SSL provider with a couple of easy steps. ClientExec also features a built-in ticketing system, which will enable you to provide support to your customers. If you decide to start your own reseller website hosting business and other people to help you in this venture, you can give them different levels of access and each level will be able to access different sections and options in ClientExec.
ClientExec Billing and Support Software in VPS Servers
In case you do not have a different piece of software already, we can give you ClientExec gratis with all of our VPS servers. The only condition is that the VPS plan must be acquired with the cPanel hosting Control Panel. We'll set up ClientExec for you, which will save you not only effort and time, but also funds, since the copy that you will acquire will have the full license. In other words, there aren't any limits regarding the period in which you're able to use the app or the features you can access. If you get it straight from the vendor, however, you will have to pay separately. You'll be able to link ClientExec to the complimentary eNom domain name reseller account that we'll also provide you with or to some other account with another company. This application will allow you to bill your customers and to supply support to them conveniently for as long as you use the virtual server.
ClientExec Billing and Support Software in Dedicated Servers
ClientExec comes absolutely free with all of our dedicated server packages that are set up with the cPanel web hosting Control Panel, thus you will not be required to pay anything for a billing/support platform before you start your reseller website hosting business. In case you would like to use this application, we'll install it for you. What you will obtain is a fully licensed copy and not a time-limited trial version with restricted functionality, so you will be able to benefit from all of the features which ClientExec offers right away. You can connect the platform to the eNom domain name reseller account, which we'll provide you with as a gift as well, so when you choose to opt for one of our dedicated servers so as to launch your own website hosting business, you will save hundreds of dollars on billing software, not to mention the deposit that you would have had to make for the site reseller account under different circumstances.