Although working with e–mails generally is a simple and easy process, managing the mailboxes for your site can sometimes be a laborious task. If you do not have a simple to use interface, like the E Mail Account Manager to enable you to get the job done. It includes a good amount of built–in advantageous tools that can help you conduct sophisticated duties within a few clicks. Look at everything that Williams Hostings’s E Mail Account Manager will do for YOU!

Anti–Spam Protection

Deal with spam with a click of the mouse

Through the E Mail Account Manager of the Web Site Control Panel, you’re able to take over spam messages. The integrated anti–spam tool will filter arriving e–mail messages and you’re able to alter its amount of control with simply a mouse–click. Additionally, you can specify a distinct degree of spam protection for every single e–mail account.

There are 2 simple ways in which our system takes care of messages referred as spam. You can select whether a spam email should be erased, or forwarded to a selected mailbox.

Hepsia File Manager

Email Forwarding

Redirect messages from a single e–mail account to a different one

We’ve managed to make it simple if you want to forward email messages from one mailbox to a new one inside your web hosting account. All you should do is select the email account you want to forward and then add the destination mailbox where you want each of the messages to get sent to.

You can also switch on a copy of each and every forwarded message to be kept in the e–mail account you have got forwarded.

Hepsia File Manager

Email Filters

Set your mailbox in order

When using the E Mail Account Manager within your Web Site Control Panel, it is easy to set up different email filters. What you need to do is indicate the key words that’ll be used to filter messages and exactly where the filter will look for them (subject, body, etc.) and then choose the action which will be applied to the filtered emails.

Hepsia File Manager